I started to live and work in Vienna as sound designer and re-recording mixer after finishing my master's degree in „Sound for Motion Picture“ at the Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf in Potsdam Babelsberg. Today I'm working on national and international film productions mainly in Vienna, Berlin, Cologne and Luneburg.  I also work as lecturer for the course of study „Sound Design" at the FH Joanneum in Graz and sometimes do workshops at film festivals.

If you need more information you can download my CV HERE, or find more projects on IMDB or VOESD. Also you can check my company's websites Chaussee Soundvision and Monoplus, or contact me.


Here you can find some cinematic movies on which I was allowed to work mainly responsible as sound designer, supervising sound editor or re-recording mixer.
For more credits please check out the projects on IMDB.

  • 2019
    Re-recording mix
    Ein bisschen bleiben wir noch

    Production: Wega Film
    Director: Arash T. Riahi

  • 2019
    Re-recording mix
    Waren einmal Revoluzzer

    Production: Freibeuterfilm
    Director: Johanna Moder

  • 2019
    And more
    Helmut Berger meine Mutter und ich

    Production: Kobalt Documentary Berlin
    Director: Valesca Peters

  • 2018
    Re-recording mix

    Production: Freibeuterfilm
    Director: Sudabeh Mortezai

  • 2018
    Sound design
    So was von da

    Production: C-Films Deutschland, DCM
    Director: Jakob Lass

  • 2018
    Sound design
    Meine teuflisch gute Freundin

    Production: Tempest Film
    Director: Marco Petry

  • Alternativ text
    Sound design
    Un Profil pour deux

    Production: Ici et Là Productions, Detailfilm
    Director: Stephane Robelin

  • 2017
    Re-recording mix
    Die Migrantigen

    Production: Golden Girls
    Director: Arman T. Riahi

  • 2017
    Re-recording mix
    # Single

    Production: Allegro Film
    Director: Andrea Eder

  • 2017
    Sound design
    Schule Schule

    Production: Augenschein Filmproduktion
    Director: Hella Wenders

  • 2016
    Sound design
    Tiger Girl

    Production: Fogma GmbH
    Director: Jakob Lass

  • 2016
    Re-recording mix / Sound design
    A memory in khaki

    Production: Louai Haffar
    Director: Alfoz Tanjour

  • 2016
    Re-recording mix

    Production: Golden Girls
    Director: Arash & Arman Riahi

  • 2016
    Re-recording mix
    52 the Trolley Bus

    Director: David Auerbach

  • 2015
    Sound design
    Die Kleinen und die Bösen

    Production: Coin Film
    Director: Markus Sehr

  • 2014
    Sound design

    Production: KeyFilm, Coin Film
    Director: Saskia Diesing

  • 2014
    Sound design
    Patong Girl

    Production: Hanfgarn & Ufer
    Director: Susanna Salonen

  • 2014
    Sound design
    Sto Spiti

    Production: Oxymoron Films, SHPN3 Filmproduktion
    Director: Athanasios Karanikolas

  • 2013
    Re-recording mix
    Kaptn Oskar

    Production: Joroni Film
    Director: Tom Lass

  • 2012
    Re-recording mix

    Production: HFF Potsdam
    Director: Jakob Lass

  • 2010
    And more





Monoplus – Homepage


We did it! Our new website is online.
Visit us here:


Sound Panel „So was von da“ @ Munich International Film festival


Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk about the sound design of the feature film „So was von da„. It was a pleasure for me to be there, together with director Jakob Lass, the film musicians Greatest Kidz and Re-recording mixer Valentin Finke. Thanks to Munich International Film festival and the bvft, who made this year’s sound panel possible. We had a lot of fun and interesting conversations.

Premiere „Meine teuflisch gute Freundin“


Last week the new feature film „Meine teuflisch gute Freundin“ from director Marco Petry had it’s Premiere in Berlin. It was a lot of fun to watch the movie in a big cinema and a lot of laughther from the audience.

I wish all the best for the film and a lot of fun for all the kids in the cinemas the next week’s.


Last day of temp mix „Joy“


Today was the last day of the temp mix for the movie „Joy“. Together with the director Sudabeh Mortezai and sound designer Atanas Tcholakov we did our last check in cinema on big screen with our mobile equipment.
Next week we will do the final mix @ Tremens Sound Studios where I will work again together with re-recording mixer Bernhard Maisch for the mastering of this movie.

First Trailer „Meine teuflisch gute Freundin“


The first Trailer of the feature length movie „Meine teuflisch gute Freundin/How to be really bad“ is now online. If you’re interested you can find it HERE.
On the movie I did sound supervising and sound design and worked together with Valentin Finke (re-recording mix) and Henning Hein (dialogue editing).
It was a pleasure also to work with Marco Petry as director on his new comedy and to design soundscapes and sound effects which are sometimes very magical, but also in a realistic world.
I’m looking forward to the premiere and wish all the best for the theatrical release in Germany on 28th of June.

„Die Migrantigen“ @ austrian film award


The feature length movie „Die Migrantigen/The Migrumpies“ is nominated for the austrian film award 2018. Beside the nominations in the categories for the best feature film, the best screenplay and the best supporting actress I’m very glad that we’re also nominated for the best sound.
Thank you all for the voting.
I’m Looking forward to the award ceremony at 31th of January to see you there.



Lecture @ Soundtrack_Cologne14


This year’s SOUNDTRACK COLOGNE, Germany’s largest event on music and sound in film, tv, games and media is over. I am pleased, that I was invited as guest lecturer on talking about the sound design of the feature length movie TIGER GIRL.
Together with GOLO SCHULTZ (production, composer) and VALENTIN FINKE (dialogue editor, re-recording mixer) we held our lecture for 1,5 hours in front of a very interested audience.
Thanks to all who were there with us, and to all the guys who made this years SOUNDTRACK COLOGNE possible.
Hope to see you next year.

Working on „So was von da“


I just started my work on the new feature length movie from director JAKOB LASS. The film is based on a book from TINO HAHNEKAMP and it will be a pleasure to design a lot of druggy sequences and trips for the main character Oscar, who is celebrating the last party in his own club on New Year’s Eve.

Un profil pour deux


On 22th of June Un PROFIL POUR DEUX / MONSIEUR PIERRE GEHT ONLINE will start in German cinemas. I did the sound design on this new movie from STÉPHANE ROBELIN.
It is a french/german/belgian coproduction where I worked in a team with CARINE ZIMMERLIN (Dialog) and VALENTIN FINKE (Re-recording mixer).

Mixing „Die Migrantigen“


After three month of work we’re about to finish the re-recording mix of DIE MIGRANTIGEN by ARMAN T. RIAHI.
It was a lot of work until here. Thanks to ATANAS TCHOLAKOV (dialog) and NILS KIRCHHOFF (sound design) we are on the best way to build something authentic and consistent. It’s a pleasure for me to mix a project where the jokes are still funny after watching it a hundred times.
Also I’m working together with the re-recording mixer BERNHARD MAISCH for the last days of main mix and mastering.
The movie will be in Cinema soon. If you like comedies, don’t miss it.

Tiger Girl World Premiere


The new feature length movie TIGER GIRL  will be the opening film at Berlinale 2017 of the Panorama-section. Again it was a pleasure to work on an innovative film project, edited by GESA JÄGER and directed by JAKOB LASS.
On TIGER GIRL I did the sound design and worked mainly together with VALENTIN FINKE, who did the dialog and re-recording mixing.